6 Hours of Fuji: Result incomplete

1000 750 davide

Result incomplete at the 6 Hours of Fuji. #71 in the first positions for the most part of the race, even when we got the yellow flag, it was the perfect moment for us.

During Sam’s stint we didn’t get lucky, after the pit we were behind our competitors and the strategy was to do not stop again until the race was over, we got the time to be back in the first positions, but the race was stopped for the bad conditions of the track, so we couldn’t do more than getting the fifth position.

Not the best result for the #71, we could do much better if the race was not stopped at 4 Hours, 24 minutes and 50 seconds to go.

Third victory of the season for our teammates #51, congratulations guys and thanks a lot to the AF Corse team. At two races to go, we are sure to complete our final result in the best way we can. However we got a good result for the Constructors Championship and for AF Corse and Ferrari always at the first position.