Forgetting about this race

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This race is for sure something to forget. The 6 hours of Shanghai was pretty bad since the beginning when we had problems with one tire for some debris on track. So we had to stop even if it was not possible in that moment, but rules are rules so we had a penalty too. We lost time so the only thing we could do was pushing hard to reduce the gap. In that moment we had the second penalty, that for us was unjustifiable, the reason of another drive through was for the seat belts.

Anyway we were back in P7 behind the Porsche, so we worked very hard with a new strategy to try to catch up the Porsche. And we did it, I didn’t give up during the last 2 hours and at the end we finished in P5, which is like a victory for us after this very bad and unlucky weekend.

Something to forget, but we need staying focused in the next and last race in Barhain, where the Champioship will be over with only one winner.