A tough one..

1000 667 davide

The Sebring race was a tough one.. where anything that could happen did! Briefly suspended for strong rains as well as for dengerous lightning. There was a great deal of water on the track at times: with extreme water on the track it wasn’t easy to drive, however, we were very fast in the wet.. at times the fastest on track. I finished my stint in 3rd position despite difficult conditions.

Giancarlo and Toni did an excellent job as we had some stiff competiotion from the very strong BMW and Corvette cars who gave us a fight on the straightways. I was driving the last stint and we were still going well in 3rd place. It was night  and there wa a light rain but we were still strong…even with slick, dry weather tires on the car. The podium spot seemed almost a certainty until on the straightway a prototype car ran into me, pushing me into the wall. Luckily there wasnt a ton of damage done to the car (suprising indeed as I definitely felt the hit!) and after falling back to 7th position as a result of the crash, I was able to fight  back into 4th place, just shy of the podium.

It was a difficult race in which the team did a great job. We were shooting for the podium but considering the difficulties of the day and the crash towards the end, 4th place is a great result.