P6 under the Sebring heat

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P6 under the Sebring heat, a very hot race with high temperatures. I was at the Start with medium tires, it was going ok staying in P6 for my entire turn, then we had problems with the motor so I had to slow down.

We went down in P9, then Sam got in the car, remaining in front of #51, until we got back in P6/P5. We had a Safety Car so we were all back together, but during Molina’s turn, we lost time and he had few difficulties to overtaking the other cars. It’s been a qualifying race at the end, finishing in P6. Before the finish line, we had rain too, so we couldn’t do better than that.

I’m proud of myself getting the fastest lap in the race, I’m very happy for that and for the results of our car in no traffic conditions.
We will see in the next appointment!