Blancpain championship @ Monza

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The Blancpain championship started too, first race here at Monza circuit. The weekend was going on the right way since the qualifying day, when we were in P1 until 1 minute to go and then we got the P3.

Miguel was at the start of the race and he really had a good pace, even if the Lamborghini were very fast. In the second stint we lost time going on the back lines, far from the first positions.

I started the 3th stint in P3 and I did as much as I could to fight with the Audi taking the P2. But unluckily we had the yellow flag on track and I got a drive thru penalty overtaking a car.

At that point I was P8 and it wasn’t easy catching the P5. We finished in P5 but I know we could do more, anyway we had a good pace, we worked a lot for the weekend and I know we can do better next time.