The long Season

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The long and difficult season is over. The latest race in Bahrain was great even if we really wanted to be up on the first step of the podium, but our third place was enough to get the biggest results ever, since I’m racing in this Champioship. The Manufactures title is the best way to finish this Championship, it’s great for us, for AF Corse and for Ferrari which won with a new car. I couldn’t ask more to our 488, winning the title on her first season it means a lot now and for our future program. I’m truly happy for Sam Bird and me, for our second place on Drivers’ Championship.

An up and down race in Bahrain, we have been lucky and that made the difference. I remember last year when we lost the championship for a tire and this year that has happened to someonelse. It was like to get back what we lost last year. Now we have stay focused on our future and why not, maybe have few days off.

All my gratitude goes to AF Corse, all the crew, for the great job they did every single race and for all the season. For their passion and professionality. Thanks to Sam, it was our first season and we started with 2 great victories, ending the Championship with the second place on Drivers’ Championship and a Manufactures title. Thanks to all our supporters and all our fans, we got this results thanks to you too. I really hope to see you again following me during my next races and Championships.